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Ready to transform your underutilized land and rooftops into thriving income generators? With our hassle-free solutions and customizable, no-CapEx options, you can unlock new revenue streams effortlessly. Our comprehensive model empowers property owners to seamlessly integrate solar power across their portfolios, maximizing profitability and sustainability.

Say goodbye to wasted potential and hello to a brighter, more profitable future with our all-in-one renewable energy solutions. Our partners receive regular rental income for hosting our energy systems, whether the energy is consumed on-site (behind the meter) or sold back to the utility grid (front of the meter). From development to maintenance, we handle it all, ensuring predictable, long-term revenue without any hassle or upfront costs.  Get in touch now and let's turn your property into a cash-generating powerhouse!

Unlock the full potential of your properties.

Get in touch with our team today to see how we can help you unlock new revenue streams!

Roof Mount

Transform your rooftop into a revenue-generating powerhouse with solar energy. Enhance the value of your real estate assets by utilizing your roof to its fullest potential – generating clean energy savings and additional income.

Ground Mount

No roof? No problem. Ground-mounted solar projects provide an ideal solution for optimizing excess or underutilized land. These projects can also join community solar programs, expanding access to clean energy options.


Solar carports optimize parking lots, offering cost-effective clean energy access while also creating a revenue-generating amenity for property owners and tenants.

EV Charging

EVs contribute substantial energy load to a property, resulting in added costs. However, by integrating EV charging with solar and battery storage, Tandem can enhance your savings while bolstering sustainability and resilience.

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