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We're collaborating to build the clean energy network of the future.

We partner with forward-thinking companies throughout the renewable energy ecosystem. Harnessing our collective knowledge, expertise, and resources enables us to expedite project development, streamline operations, and enhance profitability to unprecedented levels.

Our leadership team is composed of seasoned executive professionals, notably a former Partner at Goldman Sachs & Co. who founded their U.S. alternative energy business and led several of Goldman’s most successful investments in renewable energy. Additionally, our team is led by a former Chief Investment Officer from a public REIT with extensive experience in both public and private real estate capital markets and renewable infrastructure.

Our capabilities are further enhanced through our strategic relationship with Hudson Sustainable Group, a leading asset management firm renowned for its specialization in sustainable investments with a strong track record of success in driving the growth of numerous companies such as SunEdison, Xeal and First Solar. Hudson has consistently demonstrated expertise in critical areas, including renewable energy, power electronics, battery storage, grid infrastructure, electric vehicles, and the intricate landscape of associated software applications.  


Years Experience


Sustainable & Real Estate Investments Made

Over $7 Billion

Capital Deployed By Our Executives

Our Team


Patrick O'Malley


Neil Auerbach

Managing Director

Stephen Rothstein

Head of Asset Management

Roy Jumbo


Max Klein

Chief Accounting Officer

Valerie Kenney

Senior Analyst

Ee-Ning Foo

Investor Relations

Richard Hurley

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